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2018, 6 November

First spooled bar coils for Japan and USA

Topy Industries Limited and Commercial Metals Company have now become the first Japanese and USA rebar producer to step ahead in the field of hot rolled compact coils

These two K-Spool Lines, perfectly on time started-up by Danieli, represent the state-of-art technology for the production of hot rolled compact coils with market-customized solutions: the layout configurations have indeed developed taking in to account the specific quality and productivity requirements.


The K-Spool Line at Topy’s Toyohashi Rolling Mill, Aichi Prefecture, has been designed for an output capacity up to 240,000 tpy of D10, D13 and D16 in compact coils from 1 to 3.5 tons for grades SD295A and SD345, by means of two Danieli horizontal spooler stations independently served by separate lifting forks.


A two-pass fast finishing block with a Hi-Profile measuring system have also been supplied to upgrade the finishing mill.


On the other side of the ocean, the K-Spool Line in Durant, Oklahoma, upgrades the CMC’s “environmentally responsible” micromill adding compact coils in the range #3 to #6, using a four-pass fast finishing block and two Danieli horizontal spooler stations, fed by the endless MI.DA® rolling mill.


With the application of the endless rolling process, the plant can produce compact coils in weights up to 11,000 lb (5.0 t).


Based on horizontal spooler coiling, Danieli K-Spool technology has reached an unparalleled level of reliability and quality in finished products, resulting in twist-free material, free of any residual tensions and stresses and very consistent in mechanical characteristics and surface quality.


Currently, depending on local market requirements, steelmakers produce spooled coils in different weights, up to 5 t (design capacity up to 8 t) in diameters up to 32 mm.


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