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2018, 6 July

Diler Demir Celik orders caster upgrade for SBQ production

Danieli Fast Cast technology for quality grades

The caster subject to revamping, supplied by Danieli in 1999, is currently in operation at the Dilovasi Plant, near Istanbul, Turkey.

It has 6 strands (+2 additional strands as future provision), 9-m radius, and produces 130 to 180 mm sq billets.

The upgrading project includes the complete replacement of the equipment installed along the caster curve, and will be the first plant in Turkey utilizing Danieli Fast Cast Technology® for quality grades, specifically:

> Fast Cast Cube® (Danieli compact mould oscillator design, maintenance free);

> HY-Power® (electro-hydraulic Actuator for oscillation, drive-by-wire control);

> New Danieli Rotelec in-mould stirrer;

> Air- Mist secondary cooling (totally new 18 loops);

> Strand/Final stirring system (movable installation concept, able to apply the stirring effect on the proper solidification point, adapting it for each steel grades, without any compromise on position).

One objective of the project is to minimize plant shut-down.

Skid assembly for the new regulation loops and equipment pre-assembly in Danieli workshops before shipping, will be maximized. 

The existing automation system by Danieli Automation will be updated with additional controls for the new equipment and the new process parameters set up as required by the added quality grades.

Caster commissioning is scheduled for first quarter 2019.


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