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2018, 22 June

Automatic EAF tapping at SN Maia

Increased operation safety and improved process control by Danieli automatic tapping system

The automatic tapping system installed at SN Maia EAF in Portugal (part of MEGASA Group) makes it possible to execute complete furnace tapping remotely from the main pulpit.

The system starts furnace tilting in automatic mode, controlling the furnace position during the complete tapping process.

Both Q-Slag (Slag detection system) and LLD (Ladle Level Detection) control the steel flow on a real-time basis. The first analyzes the steel stream, scanning for slag; the second controls when the steel level inside the teeming ladle reaches pre-set level positions.

Back tilting can be done either in automatic mode (when the pre-conditions regarding steel level/weight are met) or by remote intervention of the EAF operator from the main pulpit.

Slag carry over is controlled by the Q-Slag, also quantifying the amount of slag that might have passed into the ladle, which is useful information for fine-tuning alloys and lime additions for the secondary metallurgy.


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